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go to hell

Fuck her.

Larry Johnson

Sorry, but Bronwyn does not believe in mating with pig rats. While I realize that you harbor this secret desire to mate with someone who is superior to you in every facet, Bronwyn recognizes that a cretin tool, like yourself, should not be allowed to breed. You idiotic sub-human genes should die out per Darwin.


Ahh the milk of human kindness displayed by "go to hell". Too bad it's curdled.


Ohhh, the kindness and generosity of the "bleeding heart left". Isn't it wonderful that a person can say such vile things and not have to physically face people? What a brave soul. Well as I always say of people like that, they will burn in hell for their evilness!
Way to go Larry!

oh the irony

The irony here is that if Bronwyn were a bleeding heart liberal and had been a member of Dailykos she'd have about ten grand in her paypal account right about now. Penny pinching conservatives aren't gonna donate a whole lot. My guess - she ends up with about a grand tops after a few weeks.


Steve..thanks for taking the time to post the article. I made a small donation. I hope someone can remove the sick and stupid comment made by "go to hell".


Email on the way requesting snail mail address.

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